Initial Situation 

The client comes from the financial sector & from their website, they collect loan applications. Following that, it is kept in a different database. It travels from there to Salesforce. After the customer submits a loan application, communication continues. To move further, the loan partner must get in touch with the customer and request additional documentation and information. This was done manually, and Lending Partner was manually entering the information into Salesforce. Client contacted us to implement solely for Loan Application Submission optimisation. However, after they observed how we performed throughout that deployment, they advised us to innovate the entire loan application process.

How efficiently we can do this with the power of salesforce for improving Productivity of Lending Partner, Experience of the Customer who applied for loan and thus increase Revenue? Pause and think about it, then continue reading… 

What we have done

Loan Application Submission Form 

  1. We designed Custom LWC component for Loan Application Submission with Public Access and Placed that component inside their website where people who needs loan will go and submit application. 
  2. Since we designed this Form using Salesforce LWC, it avoided intermediate Website Form, Database Storage and Database integration to Salesforce. 
  3. In this way Lending Partner Productivity improved a lot and it reduced some of the costs as well. 

Loan Application Document Collection & Processing

  1. When Lending Partner Process Loan Application, based on the application, they will add document checklist items and Send Email to Customer right from salesforce. 
  2. We added Salesforce Public LWC Component Link for Document collection in that email. 
  3. Customer can easily click that link, upload all documents and submit it. 
  4. When the customer fills in a form and submits it, it will reach the salesforce immediately as it was developed on top of salesforce and Lending Partner can continue with further process. 
  5. In this way, we smoothened the process of document collection from Customer and reduced lot of work for Lending Partner. In this way, Every Loan processing speed got improved and thus Revenue Increased. 

Both the LWC Components that I explained above are having lot of features other than what I have explained here. Just to keep it at a very high level like short story I haven’t mentioned those. We will be releasing Demo video of it soon.