Business Problem 

  1. Client is a private investment firm focused on single family residential and related real estate strategies. Client reached out to us saying that they need Portal for Investors which is having following features. 
  2.  The client is providing varieties of Investment Funds where different people can invest. 
  3. When Investor login to portal they can only see details about funds that they invested or belongs to. 
  4. There should be a Dashboard view which will give a complete picture of all measures and dimensions about how specific Entity Fund related Rentals or Properties are performing. 
  5. Investors are also participating in Rental Approvals that happens in the Specific Entity Fund Related Rentals. 


  1. We created Experience Site which will be used as Investor Login Portal. 
  2. We used Sharing Rules Feature for sharing different Entity Fund Related Rental to different kind of people. 
  3. We used Salesforce Standard dashboard feature for most of the requirements that they used. 
  4. For some of the requirements we were unable to achieve with Salesforce standard dashboard feature for that we went with Lightning Web Components. 
  5. For Rental Approvals, it was different kind of approval that we can’t use Salesforce Standard Approval Process. So, we used Lightning Web Component and Apex Combination. 

Impact of this Project for us 

The experience website we created was a huge success. The client was ecstatic with the execution. After that, they remained our collaborators for a very long period.


  1. Visibility and Insights for Investors about Real Estate Performance 
  2. Increased Investment Amount from Investors 
  3. Company Revenue Increase 
  4. More Sales