Business Problem 

Nonprofit companies collect donations from different donors. Lot of new and existing donors are giving donations. After Donor donating, Non-Profit company needs to send out Confirmation Receipt to the Donors at bulk. They reached out to us saying that they should be able to process Donation Receipt for all Donations that they received during specific interval. Before that they needed an easy way of uploading all donations into the salesforce as well. 

Our Solution 

  1. We created Lightning Web Component where we placed File Upload Component. 
  2. Users can just upload a Donation CSV file to that component. 
  3. In Backend Using Apex, we designed to Upload all donations by either creating new donors or by matching with Existing donors in salesforce. 
  4. We used Custom Metadata Type for storing CSV headings and Salesforce Object, Field Mappings. It enables us to easily add more columns in future. 
  5. We had enough Failure Handling Mechanisms, that if any donation is failed to upload for any random reasons, User who is uploading the file will get complete error details over mail that they can take care. 
  6. We created Lightning Web Component where User can select Time Duration for which they need to process donation Receipt. 
  7. After that with the Help of Apex, we get the right set of Donations to Process. 
  8. With the help of Visualforce Page, we created Receipt PDF for all Donations and mailed it to the corresponding persons. 
  9. It was a very interesting requirement to work on with the mix of Lightning web component, Apex and Visualforce Page. 


  1. Cost Cutting as there was no manual work of processing Receipt 
  2. Increased Productivity 
  3. Best Customer Experience 
  4. It enabled client to scale their business to a larger level